Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All for a song..

Daniel...175 seconds… yes it took no more than 2 minutes and 55 seconds.They say it takes patience and hard work, others say it takes the perfect chemistry; still some say a lifelong search is what’s needed. Growing up in a family of many members, witnessing a few love stories as they start and finish, going through some of it myself, I can no t help but wonder if there really is a formula for success in love.I may consider myself lucky to have found my inspiration in life. Most times it brings a smile to my face; other times a gripping pain, a pain almost unbearable for my age. Try as we might, love is such a complex trail that very few come out unscathed and triumphant. At my young age, I cannot help but believe it when they say, it is a journey, a mission and finding the right one can take forever. Forever that some find the pursuit life consuming and unbearable. It is of little wonder then to see some people choose to live life in “blessed solitude”. In these trying times, why bother?When a cousin told me it took no more than a song to know she was in love, I was speechless. What happened to all the formulas and statistics? What happened to patiently waiting and praying for a sign from up above? The glow on her face and the twinkle in her eyes told me she found her destiny. I silently told myself she’s living a dream and reality can be a harsh awakening. After all, it takes years to earn your right to freedom, so why would your happiness be handed on a silver platter? That conversation was months ago. By now I am wondering if indeed it has been that easy. Further investigation reveals that not only is this love affair a little rushed, it also flowed in the opposite direction of what society dictates to be the norm. The singer and the listener live continents apart, the ages are decades apart, even the time zone is half a day apart, so why are they so together? They say compatibility is essential. Does anyone know anything about incompatibility? A closer look says that is all that this relationship has. Seeing the twinkle in her eye, hearing the joy in her voice and grace in her stride tells me that one song really is all it took to change her completely.By now I am looking at what others say about love, that it moves mountains, that it moves in mysterious ways. Songs do have a way to make us think in silent agreement, the same way it can bring out emotions well hidden even the person doesn’t know it exists within him. Songs can teach us life lessons the same way it can make us brave and bold in the choices we make. Songs can be our ally in these very trying times.I can go on and on about my assumptions, my calculations and my wild guessing. It all boils down to one thing. Never is there a formula in life. The best it can do is improve your chances; not perfect it. The best it can do is guide you; not make you. The odds and the distance notwithstanding, they are so together. In this time and age, when careful calculations and cautious manipulations still leave us alone in the end, I tend to accept that indeed life can be as simple as hearing him sing and falling in love. Ahh, that being so simple is a wonder in itself.Looking at how life and its realities have been changed in 175 seconds, makes me wonder “Can we really be taken for a song”?

no greater love..